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OrganicIf you walk into pretty much any supermarket these days you can find an ‘organic’ choice of nearly anything. Organic milk, fruit, vegetables, why you can even choose pet food that is organic. Providing an organic choice is now being seen in other services and goods as well, with much benefit clearly seen. In the UK last year, the figure for organic farm sales reached over £5 million.

When We Say, ‘Organic’, What Are We Really Talking About?

The official definition for what makes something organic varies from one regulatory Government department to another, however the general idea remains the same; During production, the good or product is not treated with a man-made chemical, such as a fertiliser or pesticide. Let’s take for example corn bearing an, ‘organic’, label, it can only be labeled as such because it hasn’t been treated by any lab-made pesticide, mass-produced fertiliser or been produced with the help of genetic seed modification.

Since the general belief is that these products are better for us, the demand for them is high. In the past various chemicals were used, only later to be recognised as dangerous and harmful for both humans and animals, this particularly proved true for young children and pregnant women. Hence it stands to reason that many people have concerns about the chemicals which are now in use. The production of organic goods helps to minimise such concerns.

ExterminationThe same applies if your looking for a pest exterminator south east London, companies within this industry are also keen to find ways to decrease the need for man-made chemicals when managing or preventing a pest infestation in the home, outdoor living space or on the farm. In fact, they have been successful in identifying a variety of alternatives to the normal pesticides used.

Plants oils which naturally occur, such as from geraniums, rosemary and wintergreen, are just a few of the common organic sources found effective in treating insect infestations. A few other means to naturally treat such problems are controlling plant-eating insects with nematodes, managing mosquitoes with a specific effective bacteria and using diatomaceous earth to treat problems with other insect types. Bats and specific bird types can also be introduced to the problem environment to act as natural predators. A few cases however do exist, where chemicals may be required to fully address the problem, however experts within the field are creating, ‘low impact’, alternatives which have already given evidence to their safe use where humans are concerned, such products include Hydroprene and Methoprene.

A certification course called GreenPro is provided by the National Pest Management Association, this program enables professionals within the pest management world to gain the appropriate knowledge and skill set to treat pest problems and fumigate your home with the lowest possible environmental effect. pest managementThe program does not focus solely on the use of organic methods to eliminate pests from a home, but also provides professionals with the ability to motivate homeowners to close up potential entry points for pests and develop household practices known to act as a deterrent to pests. The GreenPro course helps professionals in the field of pest control to know how to effectively work along with the household or client in designing and implementing an effective elimination plan for a variety of pests, including mice, rats and insects.

Since pest control has always been so reliant on chemical use, it is logical to conclude that the demand for organic alternatives is going to soar. Pest management professionals are committed to contributing to the safety of their clients, that’s why designing and providing an organic alternative is, without a doubt, the only way forward.

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